Hi, I'm Anne

Hi, I’m Anne.

I’ve had back pain for as long as I can remember.

There’s a lot of information out there on the internet these days. Unfortunately, some of it is terrible – but some of it is brilliant. I know first hand it can be difficult to sort between the two. I have learned a lot from my experience with chronic pain, and so, for me, it makes sense to share the things that have helped me.

Thank you for your interest in my website. My goal here is to build a community where we can share knowledge and support each other.

I encourage you to comment on my articles or reach out to me any other way.

– Anne

CBD Oil Scams

…before purchasing could save you the headache of falling prey to one of the many scams that are cropping up in the CBD oil industry.

Quick Stiff Neck Remedies

Nobody wants to take up with a stiff neck. No matter how you’ve slept the night before, you may be someone that finds themselves waking up with a stiff neck a lot of the time. You turn your head and before you know it the pain has moved from your neck to your back. If...

SocialSteeze Review

As a marketer, you get the chance to use a host of tools to make sure your social media campaign runs smoothly. While this is an advantage, it is also a demerit because you get to go through many tools and sign up to many services in your quest to get the best. In my...

Best Foot Massagers (2019)

When something is wrong with your feet, your body is affected. Keep this in mind when you are choosing a foot massager so you can choose the best one for your specific needs.

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs (2019)

While you may not be in the market to spend too much on a good quality office chair, there are certainly some options out there that could well be a step up from what you’re sitting on now. Let’s take a look a ten of the best ergonomic office chairs currently available.

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