The global market is currently being flooded by the latest and greatest natural remedy: cannabinoid oil.

Claimed to be able to help with anything from anxiety to nausea, cannabis oil is being manufactured and produced in a variety of different ways. These include body lotions, vape oils, bath bombs and many more. You can buy them online, in-store, at health stores and even some grocers.

Because the world is still catching up with the movement when it comes to legality, it’s important to know which company to support.

Let’s take a look at the best CBD oil companies currently available.

Best CBD Oil Companies

1. Verified CBD

Verified CBDVerified CBD is a company with American origins that operates in Miami, Florida. The difference between this CBD company and others is that they have a physical location you can visit and encourage their customers to get in touch should they need any help with their products. This is a good sign and indicates they know their business, are proud of the products they make and are willing to stand by them.

Additionally, they also adhere to strict organic practices when extracting their CBD.

This is done purely with CO2, and the result is some of the safest, purest and most potent oil that could be obtained. They also lab test every single one of their products so that they know exactly how potent they are and whether any metals or chemical fertilizers have somehow made their way in.

One more thing about this awesome CBD oil company: they have free, legal shipping to all 50 American states.

This is the best CBD oil company we have found, and in our opinion, they provide the best cbd oil on the market.


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  • 2. Terahemp

    While TeraHemp may be relatively new on the scene of CBD oil companies, what they lack in reputation they certainly make up for in their quality products.

    This is because all of their products are lab tested and screened for anything that might be in there that shouldn’t be. Similar to Verified CBD, they also offer free shipping within the U.S., making them an incredibly accessible, quality CBD oil company.

    Through researching the market thoroughly, they found a way to make products that were going to make a difference in people’s lives genuinely. As we mentioned, each one of their products receives scientific testing. This gives you that extra level of confidence when buying their product.


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    TeraHemp Discount Coupon
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  • 3. Bota Hemp

    The next CBD oil company on our list, Bota Hemp, can be proud of their achievements with this product. In fact, they are a member of the National Hemp Association – which certainly indicates that they’re serious about all things hemp.

    They offer a wide range of CBD oil concentrations that have been manufactured and grown organically without the use of chemicals. They also proudly don’t include any THC in their products, so they’re perfect if you’re someone who doesn’t like the heady feeling THC can often give you.

    Their online store is the best place to pick up your CBD oil products. Plus, you can also check out their blog on all things hemp and all things healthy.


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    Bota Hemp Discount Coupon

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  • 4. NuLeaf Naturals

    NuLeaf Naturals is a CBD oil company that makes sure to put quality and purity before anything else. It first began in 2014, when three entrepreneurs decided that they wanted to put their belief in the power of plant medicine to the test by creating a product that people could use every day.

    They are based in Colorado and put sustainable farming practices as a top priority. They also make sure that they only way they’re extracting their CBD oil is with CO2, making it an incredibly pure product that won’t come with any toxins, metals, chemicals, or even just strong flavors.

    NuLeaf has since grown into a company that now supplies a number of grocery store chains in America. With their aim to have some of the purist, high-potency product on the market, it’s no wonder that we consider this company to be quality.

    5. Elixinol

    Elixinol is known primarily for their ability to manufacture and process organic hemp products, including CBD oil. In fact, they’ve split their company three ways. These comprise Elixinol Australia which focuses on medical marijuana, Elixinol USA that delivers food supplements and Hemp Foods Australia that sells food products. Their main business is Elixinol USA which distributes CBD oil among other products both nationally and internationally. Its production facilities are in Colorado, and it shows no signs of slowing down in its bid to become one of the largest CBD oil companies globally.

    6. Endoca

    Originating from Europe and with offices in America, this cannabis oil company is at the top of its game and one of the leaders in this relatively new product. It even claims that it manufactures its CBD oil products out of entirely organic hemp, without even a trace of pesticides and herbicides. With more than eighty varieties of this one product on Endoca’s shelves, it’s safe to say that they produce some of the best quality CBD oil you can get.

    Another thing that we love about Endoca is that they grow, manufacture and process the plants and the end product themselves. They use their own equipment, so you know exactly where it comes from. They also have big plans for the future with the idea to incorporate solar panels as their main energy source.

    7. The CBDistillery

    The last company on our list was started by a group of health nuts from – you guessed it – Colorado. Their whole philosophy is that people are entitled to high-quality hemp products at affordable prices.

    As well as your conventional hemp oil, The CBDistillery also makes capsules, topicals, and wax among other items. The interesting thing about this company is that they carefully extract their oil so that terpenes are preserved, as well as cannabinoids. They believe that the combination of these chemicals can increase the overall effectiveness.

    Because they only come with two ingredients, it’s super easy for your body to absorb any of The CBDistillery’s products. They make sure that a third-party is testing for potency and purity, and only use hemp that’s been grown outdoors in natural sunlight and is free of any nasty chemicals. Additionally, they also make sure that it’s non-GMO.


    RankCBD Oil BrandShippingRatingPrices
    1Best CBD Oil by Verified CBDFREE Worldwide Check price
    2TeraHempFREE USA Check price
    3Bota HempFREE USA Check price
    4Hemp BombsWorldwide Check price
    5Natures ScriptWorldwide Check price
    6NuLeaf NaturalsFREE USA Check price
    7ElixinolWorldwide Check price
    8EndocaWorldwide Check price
    9The CBDistilleryFREE USA Check price
    10CannabossUK & Worldwide Check price

    Final Thoughts

    Before you dive into the CBD oil craze and buy your products from the first company that pops up in your search, make sure to do your research. With our list of the top seven CBD oil companies, we’ve made it much easier to figure out who you should buy from – and who you shouldn’t.

    At the end of the day, investing in a health product like CBD oil means that quality is the top priority. With this list of CBD oil companies, we’re confident that we’re sharing some top quality products that could make a real difference in your life.

    Best CBD Oil Companies (2019)
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