You may have noticed that CBD oil has gotten a lot of press recently as more and more research reveals its many health benefits.

From treating insomnia and depression to chronic pain and anxiety, there is a myriad of health conditions that CBD oil seems to be able to treat.

Among these is fibromyalgia. Let’s take a look at what CBD oil is exactly, and how it’s shown promise as a natural remedy for fibromyalgia.

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a cannabinoid that’s derived from the cannabis plant. This is the plant that also happens to be where you can get the cannabinoid THC from, which is psychoactive and can get you high.

However, this doesn’t mean that CBD oil can. In fact, CBD oil isolate has no psychoactive properties whatsoever, which means that it’s impossible for you to get high from it.

When CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, the intent is usually for medical reasons. As mentioned above, there are more studies coming out all the time that point to all the benefits CBD oil has when it comes to many different health conditions.

Currently, however, CBD oil is not officially FDA approved to help treat these conditions. Because CBD oil is new on the scene when it comes to officially being a medication, the research being done to prove it is also new on the scene.

Especially in America, people are only just getting used to the idea of cannabis being legal, so there’s a lot of catching up to do when it comes to just how excellent this product is as a natural remedy.

You can take CBD oil in a number of different ways. These include capsules, droplets, spray, e-liquid, and even apply it topically to your skin.

Research for Link to Fibromyalgia

As we mentioned, research into the benefits of CBD oil is still in the early stages, so when it comes to evidence backing up claims around how it can treat specific conditions, there is little to go on.

In fact, a survey conducted in 2016 came to the conclusion that there’s just not enough research yet to definitively recommend CBD as a treatment for a health condition like fibromyalgia. However, this doesn’t mean that all is lost. In fact, this topic is tipped to get a lot of attention in the future for a number of different reasons.

The first is that there is a severe pain epidemic currently occurring in America. Not surprisingly, fibromyalgia is a significant cause of this. The current medications and treatments on the market just aren’t doing this condition justice, which is why there are a lot of people out there that are interested in finding an alternative treatment, like CBD oil.

The second reason is that, along with the pain epidemic, there’s also a serious opioid epidemic as well. The good news is that there are studies to show that when CBD oil has been legalized in different states around America, the number of people being written opioid prescriptions has decreased.

This is excellent news for doctors who are on the lookout for alternative treatment options that are safer for their patients, as well as people in law enforcement who are desperately trying to stay on top of the opioid black market.

The third reason is that so far, CBD oil is being seen as an effective treatment against inflammation and pain, as well as being a safe option when it’s taken in its pure form.

When it comes to the scientific reasons for funding further study around CBD oil, it’s worth noting that CBD is great for relieving anxiety, insomnia, and pain. When we’re talking about the symptoms of fibromyalgia, this is excellent news.

A paper published in 2017 suggested that CBD can be used to decrease the activity of specific brain cells called glia, which is responsible for central sensitization. This is a significant feature of central sensitivity health conditions like migraines, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and, of course, fibromyalgia.

Another reason to tie CBD and fibromyalgia is our endocannabinoid system. This is the system located in our body that helps deal with the natural endocannabinoids that our body produces, as well as any cannabis products that you may take.

If CBD is encouraging the body to use our endocannabinoid system how it should be used, then this bodes well for a health condition like fibromyalgia that is directly linked to this part of us.

Because CBD is effective at helping with other health conditions like migraines and irritable bowel syndrome that are both connected to fibromyalgia, this is another reason to consider CBD oil as an excellent natural alternative.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Again, because there isn’t enough research out there yet, it’s difficult to determine precisely how CBD may affect you in a negative way. However, based on what we already know, let’s take a look at some possible side effects:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness/fatigue
  • Lightheadedness
  • Changes in liver enzymes

When it comes to CBD and dependency, the risk doesn’t seem to be high at all. What’s more, CBD appears to have a low level of toxicity which means you would have to take a lot of it to overdose.

The Legality of CBD Oil

It’s 2019, which means you’d think that the answer to this question would be simple. However, while there are now many states that have legalized cannabis both recreationally and for medicinal purposes, this question still has a rather complex answer.

Because the Farm Bill in 2018 was a federal bill, this meant victory for a lot of states and their regulations around hemp. It also helped to separate hemp from marijuana, meaning that farmers could now start to freely grow their hemp for CBD purposes, without the law assuming that they’re growing it for THC.

However, because there’s also state law and every state has a different rulebook, you’re going to come across different regulations depending on which state you’re in. This means that you still need to be careful where you buy your CBD products from.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to any type of treatment, natural or otherwise, there are a lot of things to consider. This is why it’s always recommended to consult with your healthcare professional to make sure you’re receiving the best treatment for your condition.

Beyond this, there are exciting things in store for CBD and people who experience symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. With more and more research coming out, CBD is fast becoming a legitimate alternative to prescription pain medication that can often come with adverse side effects.

Keep a lookout for the research around fibromyalgia as it’s published, and of course, share your personal CBD experience with others – this helps it to gain traction as a real option for people in chronic pain.

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