When I herniated 3 discs in my neck in 2014 I spent many many hours researching the best neck pillow to treat my excruciating cervical pain.

(The cervical vertebrae is the region of your spine that composes the neck)

And if you’re like I was, and like the millions of people around the world that wake up in the morning cringing, rubbing, and holding their painful necks then this guide (2017 edition!) is for you.

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Why Use An Ergonomic Pillow For Your Neck?

A proper ergonomic pillow is a crucial part of your sleep system.  Along with a mattress for reducing back pain that suits your body type and sleeping habits, an appropriate cervical pillow should also be at the top of your priority list to optimise your sleep comfort and reduce neck pain.


The Best Neck Pillows for Cervical Pain

Here I will break down the best cervical pillows that actually work.


Memory Foam Cervical Pillow Review

Best memory foam pillowSpace-age meets your neck with this pillow.  Using memory foam, originally developed for NASA astronauts, this pillow contorts to the shape of your spine.

Never again will you have to guess at whether or not a certain neck pillow will meet your needs, this one has it all.

Besides the fact that this pillow ensures that your spine is in a natural alignment every single time your head hits the pillow, it also has a host of unbeatable features.  This orthopedic pillow is soft to the touch, anti-mite and breathable.  It easily fits in pillow cases and is machine washable.

This pillow will last you for years to come as when it is not in use the pillow will rebound to its original size and shape.

You can check the price and more reviews here.


Sleep Yoga

Sleep Yoga cervical pillowThe Sleep Yoga dual position neck pillow was designed from the ground-up by a chiropractor to provide back and side sleepers with the best neck support possible.

The ergonomic design conforms to the users neck without the need to adjust or fold the pillow, allowing for a seamless sleep. The pillow is designed to not only maintain the cervical curve of your neck but to also promote proper alignment.

The name “Sleep Yoga” may seem fashionable but its creator insists that the benefits to your neck would be like that akin to doing yoga, as it promotes increased flexibility, improved posture and restfulness.

Namaste indeed.

You can check the price and more reviews here.


Desk Jockey

Desk jockey orthopedic cushionComing with a pain free guarantee, the Desk Jockey provides its user with premium therapeutic grade cushion that is extra firm.

It’s small size means that you can take it from your bed and on the road without hassle. Yes, you can use it for travel, but it is equally effective at home.

Some people may balk at the notion of extra firm, but its firmness means that it will withstand many sleeps. It’s nearly orthodox shape means that you have the option to put it in a pillow case or enjoy its plush nakedness.

You can check the price and more reviews here.


Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

Tri core cervical pillowWith three different sizes to accommodate adults, children and young teens, the Tri-Core cervical pillows claim is that it is the “1 support pillow recommended by medical professionals”.

The pillow itself has three zones that sustains the neck for individuals with larger necks, smaller necks as well as side sleepers.  Its ingeniously shaped trapezoid design cradles the head while providing a great deal of support to the user from all angles.

The material is soft and breathable but its conventional shape means that you can throw a pillow case on it to match your beddings.

Besides its great design, the Tri-Core still holds up to its initial purpose, and that is to maintain and support your cervical curve throughout your entire night’s sleep.

You can check the price and more reviews here.


J-Pillow Travel Pillow

Best travel pillow for neck painWe end with a new take on the classic travel pillow.

The J-Pillow, which won the British Invention of the Year in 2013, gives the user the neck support usually associated with travel pillows.

But then things get interesting.

By altering the shape and design of the pillow, the creators have extended the comfort to the head and chin as well.  Sure this may not be a big deal, but if you’ve ever looked around an airplane or train or bus and seen passenger’s heads bobbing side to side with a pillow attached to it then you know what we mean.

The J-shape allows the pillow to be oriented in a number of way, providing support and comfort in a number of positions.

You can check the price and more reviews here.


The Final Verdict

There are many pillows on the market designed to reduce tension and treat pain in your neck. Ergonomic, orthopedic, chiropractic, yoga, travel… there’s a lot of adjectives to go with these pillows – but what it really comes down to is finding one that suits you.

If you have a healthcare professional looking after you, you should ask for their recommendations first. Other than that, it’s a good idea to educate yourself with a back pain book and look after your neck with a decent pillow.

If not, then the memory foam pillow is a great place to start – it’s my personal choice and will fit most people comfortably.

1Memory Foam Check price
2Sleep Yoga Check price
3Desk Jockey Check price
4Tri-Core Check price
5 J-Pillow Check price

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