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Here’s the best turmeric supplements (2018 edition) and our thoughts about turmeric below.

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The Health Benefits of Turmeric

You’ve probably eaten it before but may not know the name. Part of the ginger family, it’s that almost-bitter-tasting spice found in a lot of Asian foods, curry, mustards, and other bitter-flavored foods. It’s curcumin that gives it it’s bright color and is also been found by scientific studies to be very beneficial to our health.

There are many spices that promote natural health and serve as alternative remedies to common ailments and physical conditions, and turmeric is just one of them. Nature is often the best pharmacy we can have.


How Does Turmeric Benefit Our Health?

Keep reading to find out, and you too may fall in love with this wonderful healing spice, if you haven’t already by now.

  1. According to WebMD, turmeric can decrease the swelling and diminish the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, conditions suffered by millions of people around the globe. If prescription medication, ointments, and pain patches aren’t relieving the symptoms, consider a turmeric supplement, which can be found
  1. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric may delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by ridding plaque from the brain.
  1. Turmeric may help prevent some kinds of cancers from occurring, such as prostate cancer, especially when served with cauliflower. The spice can also prevent some cancers from metastasizing.
  1. This wonder spice can disinfect a burn or cut, because it’s a naturally-occurring antiseptic. The next time your little one gets a scraped knee, you now have a choice: You can reach for the peroxide, or you can reach for the turmeric.
  1. One medical study in mice shows that turmeric helped breast cancer spread to the lungs.
  1. Another study proved that turmeric lowers the risk of childhood leukemia.
  1. Chinese medicine has used it for years as a treatment for depression.
  1. Its healing qualities helps in the mending of skin.
  1. According to a study conducted by Kansas City University, when added to fried, boiled, or barbecued meats, can actually lower the amount of carcinogens that are released.
  1. A University of Texas study on rodents suggests that curcumin slows the rate at which tumors and skin cancers grow.


Populations in India consume large amounts of curries, so perhaps this is why this particular country has a lower rate of Alzheimer’s disease among the elderly.

As you can see, the health benefits of turmeric are many. Since it is readily available, it’s a good spice to have in the kitchen, and in the medicine cabinet.


The Common Approach to Pain Relief

When you have back pain, what kind of pain relief do you reach for? If you’re like so many other acute and chronic back pain sufferers, you probably reach for Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, or another OTC pain reliever at your local drug store. While these pain relievers are formulated to lower a fever, reduce inflammation, and manage your pain, they have chemicals in them that aren’t good for your body.


The Problem with Common Pain Remedies

The biggest problem with using these OTC remedies is that people tend to think, if two work, why not four at a time, and so on. It leads to health problems that these pills cannot fix like strokes, heart attack, and liver disease. People with chronic back pain often use NSAIDs like Toredol, Aleve, and Celebrex, which also come with many adverse side effects and warnings. Even when people are told not to take two of these NSAIDs at the same time, they do it anyway, and pay the price, which can be a range of health disorders, and sometimes, even death.

This isn’t intended to scare anyone, but it is intended to make you aware of the dangers of getting reliant on OTC and/or prescription pain relievers. It’s these facts that have boosted the popularity of natural pain relief options for those suffering from joint pain, general back pain and low back pain like sciatica.


Turmeric for Pain Relief

Turmeric. Turmeric is a spice used in Asian dishes and it’s compatible with just about all kinds of meats and vegetables. The good news is that it’s not just a tasty addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s very good for your body and for back pain. It’s becoming go-to natural spice that people are starting to rely on for treating acute and chronic inflammation, which is the primary reason for back pain.


turmeric for back pain


What’s in Turmeric?

Remember, it’s the curcumin that has the health benefits, not turmeric alone, and can be found in fresh, dry, or powder form that you can sprinkle onto your scrambled eggs or dash into a morning health shake. But like any other supplement, ask your doctor if taking turmeric is safe for you, because you can actually ingest too much of it, as with any supplement, and for example, it isn’t always recommended for everyone who is diabetic. If the thought of bitter flavoring is unappetizing, you can always find creative ways to disguise the taste, but a lot of people love the flavor.

The curcuminoids are the compounds known to help protect the nerves in your back. These same compounds are known to reduce swelling just as well as harmful OTC and prescription pain relievers.


What Does It Do?

Whether your pain and inflammation is acute or chronic, turmeric reduces the swelling, the root cause of sciatica and other general back pain. Not only can it reduce inflammation and pain, it also serves another purpose. Turmeric protects your nerves from being degraded and damaged. Even if your sciatica pain is caused long-term damage to the sciatic nerve, turmeric helps reduce the pain. It’s a safe, natural way to manage your pain levels over other conventional drugs and treatments.


How Does Turmeric Work?


Your body produces inflammation boosting enzymes. Turmeric stops the production of these enzymes. It’s these enzymes that are the cause of the inflammation that occurs with injuries to the sciatic nerve. Once the inflammation enzymes are stopped, your swelling and pain are reduced or eliminated so that nerve healing is faster and more effective. On a side note, used alongside of bromelain (a compound in pineapples) and piperine (from black pepper), turmeric works even better.


Beyond Back Pain Relief

Turmeric goes beyond back pain relief. Due to the fact that so many health problems and conditions are caused by inflammation, turmeric has the ability to help with arthritis, stomach pain, heartburn, gallbladder issues, liver problems, gas, diarrhea, and other inflammatory-related health issues. Even something as simple as a nagging headache can be helped with turmeric.

You can consume organic, natural turmeric as a spice on all your meals, but you may not be able consume enough to help with pain. There are turmeric supplements formulated specially to help effectively and efficiently reduce pain and inflammation. On top of that, no side effects. Besides being just as effective as NSAIDs and conventional pain relievers, turmeric is a lot cheaper to buy. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to use conventional drugs that have major side effects, or turmeric that has no side effect to relieve your sciatica and general back pain.


Where Can You Buy The Best Turmeric?

I’ve created a table right here with the best turmeric supplements available to us in 2017.

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3Zhou Turmeric with Ginger Check price

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