Yoga for Back and Neck Pain

Yoga for Back and Neck Pain

July 19, 2016 Free Your Spine 4

If your idea of yoga is summed up in the words human pretzel and ashram, then you are missing a huge chuck of what yoga is all about. Yes, there are some weird looking poses with some equally weird names. And, yes there are places called ashrams where people go to, among other things, partake in yoga. But, if you’re more concerned with the physical than the spiritual then you should definitely look into the health and fitness benefits that yoga can bring to your life. read more


Cervical Herniated Disc – Summary of Symptoms and Treatment

July 6, 2016 Free Your Spine 5

Excruciating pain. 

That’s how the majority of those suffering from cervical herniated discs recall the experience.  The vertebra of the neck is separated by discs to avoid grinding and abrasion.  When the inner core of these discs herniate, or leak, out of the disc itself and start pressing on a nerve root, trouble and pain quickly ensue.  read more