TeraHemp is a company that extracts and processes CBD products ranging from edibles, topicals, oils and capsules for a range of uses. TeraHemp is here to ensure you get safe, high-quality CBD products.

The aim of the company is to make sure that you get CBD products that have been extracted safely and to guarantee the highest products for your health needs.


Purity 10.0
Strength 10.0
Service 9.5
Price 7.5
Consumer Reviews 9.5


  • Full-spectrum
  • Pure
  • Safe
  • Various products


  • Premium pricing

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  • TeraHemp’s CBD Products

    CBD Oils

    The company provides 5 oils that you choose from, depending on the potency. The oils are packaged in formulations ranging from 250mg to 2000 mg; it all depends on you to choose what suits your health issue. The company boasts of oils that contain natural terpenes that are safe for use even for long-term use. The oils are also natural, making use of sunflower lecithin and not soy lecithin.

    CBD Edibles

    As the name goes, edibles are the ones that you can chew or suck on. These edibles are varied including gummy poppers, infused honey, cookies, chocolate bars, lollipops, children’s vitamins and more.

    The prices for the edibles vary as well, depending on the potency of the product as well as the type of product you choose.

    CBD Capsules

    These capsules give you all the health benefits in a simple compact package that you swallow several times a day. The packaging of the capsules provides for slow release solution to allow you to get the effects of the CBD over sometime.

    The capsules are easy for anyone to use and pack especially if you are travelling. They are also easy to digest. The best thing about the capsules is that you always know exactly what quantity you are taking at any given time, helping you regulate your dosage the right way.

    CBD Cream

    CBD cream is ideal for handling health issues that need topical application such as muscle soreness. The cream comes with a potency ranging from 100mg to 250mg.

    Applying the cream on the skin makes it get absorbed into the tissues that are hurting. The cream works topically and locally to make sure you get the soothing benefits that come with such a cream.

    One of the common uses of the cream is for joint pain. If you have joint pain and swelling, you can enjoy relief from the cream.

    Elite CBD Tinctures

    The tincture bottles deliver 250mg of CBD oil that you can drop under your tank to give your mind the healing power of the active ingredients. The CBD is mixed in all natural oils to give you all the effects without any side effects.

    The Benefits

    • All natural formulations with minimum side effects.
    • Available in different potencies that make it easy to get what you want.
    • Pure extracts to give you maximum benefits.

    Top Brands Compared

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    The Verdict

    The formulations provide maximum benefits, but you have to fork out a little bit more to get these benefits. However, the different formulations make it easy to use.

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