As a marketer, you get the chance to use a host of tools to make sure your social media campaign runs smoothly. While this is an advantage, it is also a demerit because you get to go through many tools and sign up to many services in your quest to get the best.

In my efforts, I have had to use many tools with the aim of staying ahead of the competition, some worked well while some didn’t work so well.

Today we review SocialSteeze, a tool that I have used extensively in my quest for better visibility.

SocialSteeze Review

Engagement 9.5
Growth 10.0
Service 10.0
Price 8.5
Consumer Reviews 10.0


  • Safe
  • Organic Growth
  • No fake followers
  • Your own manager


  • Premium pricing

Low Risk Mechanism

If you are on the market for a tool to enhance your social media marketing campaign, then you need one that is purely organic. Social Steeze uses real people to handle your account. These arent just anyone, but experts who have been trained in the latest marketing techniques so as to be able to provide the best results.

Since Social Steeze makes use of real people, the actions are within the guidelines that have been put forth by Instagram, which in turn safeguards your account.

Task Completion is Effective

Remember the last service that gave you a dashboard and left you to do the rest while they took your cash? Well, the way Social Steeze handles the activities is effective.

Once you sign up and choose a plan, they give you an account manager to work with. This account manager is the one that handles all the tasks on the account in line with your goals. This gives you time to do other important tasks towards the achievement of your goals.

Timely Updates Tell Your How Your Account is Progressing

With an accounts manager on board, you always know what is happening to the account each time. You also make use of authentic engagement to understand what has been done and what needs to be done more.

Safety of Your Page

One aspect of bots that you need to know is that they trigger suspicious activities when you use them. This can lead to suspension of your page. Many people that use bots attest to the fact that they have received emails notifying them of suspicious activity on their account.

Switching to Social Steeze gave me the safety that I needed. Since the switch, I haven’t received a single warning.

You Get an Active Following That Grows Your Social Standing

People have been searching for the next best thing ever since Instagress closed its doors. One of the biggest differences between using an organic growth service against using a bot is the type of followers you get.

With an organic service such as SocialSteeze, you end up with thousands of followers in a few months. These followers aren’t just the random followers that you are used to – they actively comment on and like the posts that you put up.


The price for the service is just right – you choose between two plans. Overall, I would give the service a rating of 9.5 out of 10.

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