Planning, proposing, obtaining funding, choosing a niche, choosing a logo, building a website, finding a physical location (where applicable), and marketing are just the beginning of the activities for starting and operating a successful business.

This does not include what is required to build a social media presence. Those activities are time-consuming enough to adversely affect your time-management protocols. Where do you pencil that into your daily schedule?

It isn’t enough to log into Instagram and your other social media accounts once a week. It requires at least three days of posting and engaging per week to get started. Nowadays, most people are engaging every single day on Instagram and social media in general. There is no getting around it.


What Are The Top Instagram Automation Tools in 2018?

If you are one of today’s business people who want to know the top 7 Instagram automation services of 2018, the following will provide you with enough information to decide if you are on board or not.


RiseSocial –  Instagram Growth Service from the Ground Level

It becomes overwhelming and exhausting to perform the activities on Instagram every day to grow your presence and build your engagement.

That is where a service like Risesocial is useful. Targeted, real followers are what they provide according to your niche via hashtag, age, region and other demographics.

Using this service to find your perfect audience is faster and more efficient than trying to do this on your own.

They interact with real people interested in your niche on your behalf to cultivate the proper followers on your page.


Plan My Post – Social Planning & Scheduling Tool

The beginning of any Instagram or social media strategy is in the planning. Many business people could use help in this area as well as in marketing and promoting on these channels.

PlanMyPost is a planning and scheduling tool that becomes your personal automated assistant for managing your Instagram account.

This tool saves you time and provides you with an easy to use dashboard with settings to match your needs. You can bulk upload your images to save and schedule for another time to keep your Instagram page active and present. It has its own image editor and preview tool to ensure you are sharing the quality and image text you want.


Likesocial – Reliable Instagram Engagement Tool

Likesocial is dedicated to delivering automated organic engagement to your Instagram account. Organic results are natural and active unlike fake followers that only offer limited and short-term growth results.

People like this service because it not only builds their presence, but it also doesn’t make their feed look spammy.

One-off package pricing for real followers is what they do.


Social10x – Buy Likes, Follower, and Views

Social media users crave engagement, which is good for a business on Instagram and across social media channels.

Social10x offers Instagram users a way to buy active followers and likes to build their page or profile. This service also works for other social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Expert marketers in various niches use this service to boost their engagement. That is a good sign a service is worth investing in.


Socialsteeze – Organic Instagram Growth Service

Socialsteeze is an Instagram growth service that provide organic growth and engagement.

The concept of organic growth for Instagram isn’t anything new, but it has recently seen renewed popularity due to the growing issues that surround some botting services that are high-risk and unsafe to use.

They provide the expertise and experts in the industry to foster organic growth and development for your business brand on Instagram.

This service is ideal for those looking for a solution without buying leads for their social media engagement.


Followadder – Top-Rated Instagram Bot

This is for business Instagram users who prefer a program they can setup, customize, and manage themselves, Followadder is a top-rated marketing tool for Instagram.

The program allows you choose your specific settings and schedule posts, upload images, and engage without worrying about it. This program is trusted by many users and is safe to use for growing your Instagram follower base and engagement.


Jarvee – Windows-Based Social Media Program

If you’re running Windows on a laptop or desktop, Jarvee is a superior automation download to help you manage your Instagram and other social media networks.

This is a powerful automation tool that you need to get familiar with by watching the training videos or you may have issues with over automating on Instagram.

They do offer a 5-day free trial, which is plenty of time to familiarize yourself with it and try it out before investing in it. It’s known to perform the daily tasks for social activities up to ten times faster than you can do them yourself.


My Thoughts Regarding Instagram Automation

Building a business, online or offline, is time-consuming and requires much effort. It is not uncommon for a business to take from between one and five years to start experiencing decent profit. It is rare for any business to become a huge success overnight, even those that seem to happen that way.

Daily activity on Instagram and social media is essential nowadays due to the need to be available to your customers and potential customers to address their questions and concerns about your products or services. People like it when a company responds quickly to their comments and questions on social media. It is beneficial to your credibility and reputation online. It is in this kind of interaction that builds trust in your brand.

Working tirelessly on their own was once the status quo for business owners. Not every business owner had family and friends who had the time or desire to fully provide support to them. The same is somewhat true today, which is why many people look for Instagram automation tools to save time and money.

Whether you use these automation tools or not, Instagram and social media are essential to the growth of your business. Instagram automation tools help make the process faster, easier, and more efficient and effective for your business.


The Top 7 Instagram Automation Services of 2018
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